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The evolution of Reginald Péan

One artist who I highly suggest keeping an eye on in 2015 is Reginald Péan.  He has grown in tremendous ways over the years and his artwork continues to be exciting and totally outside the box.  A master of pen and ink, he has evolved his style in a number of ways yet never deviating from his path, creating a seamless transition between bodies of work.  A staple of the underground NYC art community through his work with distinguished companies such as MISHKA & King Stampede, Reginald continues to impress, as he is constantly growing within the genre and shows no signs of slowing down.  

Recent piece.  Photo courtesy of @frenchinald 

I originally met Reginald around 2009 as I was preparing to show BLOKE, FARO & AVOID PI in a group pop-up show titled 2012, which was hosted by the legendary Brooklyn gallery space, Factory Fresh.  Reginald, along with the three aforementioned graffiti writers, embodied a new energy in graffiti world.  Young, bold and confident, this new generation threw caution to the wind and excelled in getting their names plastered around the City.  It was an exciting time and working along side these individuals brought a raw intensity to the game.  However, Reginald immediately displayed talents that went far beyond writing his name on the streets, as his pen and ink drawings took center stage.  He was embarking on a journey all his own.

Following up the success of the "2012" show, I brought Reginald into the fold for one of the most recognized and talked about shows in Mighty Tanaka history, Year of the Head Chakra.  This show featured Reginald along side his long time friends Lionel Guzman and Ed Shawn Herrera.  Together, these three psychedelic visionaries all created artwork that came to life behind the lens of 3D glasses.  Their use of conflicting warm and cold colors created an optical effect that pushed the bounds on how to view art and distinguished all three artists as forward thinkers and innovators.  

A piece featured in Year of the Head Chakra

Since Year of the Head Chakra, Reginald has steadily progressed his craft within a number of ways, working with new subject matter and mediums.  Most recently, his latest body of work deals with sexy ladies and the grim reaper, a juxtaposition that is both alluring and thought provoking.  When asking Reginald of the significance of the grim reaper, he simply replied "Sometimes death likes to have fun too".  That answer sums it all up, as his work is just that, fun to look at.  He has a way of capturing a certain sex appeal in a graphic in nature, yet done in a way that is somewhat tongue in cheek.  However, it does not distract from his talent as an artist and his rebellious and carefree approach to his drawings.  The allure of his artwork draws the viewer in while poking fun at mortality and desire. 

New body of work.  Photo courtesy of @frenchinald

Most recently, Reginald has chosen to work on a new surface entirely.  Taking his art into the realm of tattoos, his canvas is now the flesh of his fans who eagerly await the opportunity to carry his artwork on their bodies for the rest of their life.  His ability to translate his skills from pen to tattoo gun is impressive, with his line work never missing a beat, as he reinterprets his work onto another.  His art collectors wear his art with pride, a constant reminder of his sheer talent as an artist and his ability to create unique work, whatever the surface may be.  

A new tattoo by Reginald Pean.  Photo courtesy of @frenchinald

T-Shirt collaboration with MISHKA, sold during his 2013 show, at their store in Brooklyn

Work from 2008