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Studio Visit: Jean Paul Mallozzi

Studio visits are quite possibly one of the best parts of the job.  To be allowed access to an artists personal working space and to have a guided tour through their creative process is always a very special experience.  I was lucky enough to be invited over to one of my new favorite artists studios while visiting Miami in the beginning of December.  Jean Paul Mallozzi is an artist that I have come to respect, since discovering his work in early 2014 via Instagram.  Through the power of social media, I stumbled upon his page and immediately fell in love with his representational yet somewhat surreal paintings.  After "Liking" a few of his photos and him reciprocating and "Liking" a few of my own, it started a conversation between us that eventually lead to us working together. 

To begin with, Jean Paul Mallozzi is one of the nicest people that I have met in quite some time.  He is both gracious and accommodating, willing to do what he can in order to selflessly assist others.  This was the case upon my arrival in Miami for Art Basel 2014, where JP took it upon himself to locate and pick up some stray boxes from Fedex that needed to be at my booth for SCOPE.  This gesture alone told me all I needed to know about him and his personality ahead of our studio visit.  

Once arriving at his studio, located at the South Florida Center of the Arts in South Beach, I was taken back by the artwork surrounding me in his studio space.  Images that I have come to know from his photos online were suddenly in front of me, filled with such life and emotion.  The subjects of his paintings interacted gracefully on the canvas and panels, communicating with one another, bringing a holistic feeling to the studio space and invoking passerby's to come in and join us.  This kind of feeling can only be achieved by an artist who is both secure and confident in his craft, and JP makes it look easy.  

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JP's artwork is both technically and creatively sound.  His knowledge and application of human anatomy is stunning and the way he juxtaposes neon elements provides an inspiring touch of detail that takes the viewer away from reality and allows the mind to wander through the realm of infinite possibilities.  With a focus on the eyes, which are said to be the gateway to the soul, JP ushers the viewer into another mind set, providing the template for something not of this world.  He achieves the surreal without being overt, yet plays with a figurative subject matter, without being too traditional.   His contemporary twist to a representational painting style is the ideal combination of narrative and discovery.  Jean Paul Mallozzi is a visual storyteller, who can weave a tale with the simplest motion of a paint brush.   

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I left his studio with a sense of awe and wonderment.  JP's artwork was everything I had hoped for with the studio visit and to hang out with him in person was an excellent way to spend time in Miami.  He is an artist that I would highly suggest collecting, as he has an amazing career ahead of him.    

His work is now available through this website.  For more information on the artist or his paintings, please don't hesitate to get in touch.