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Who to follow on Instagram: @stuckupofficial

Instagram, the ubiquitous selfie sharing network that has infiltrated our homes and our lives.  The need for our documentation of the human experience has taken on brand new heights with the release of this social media phenomenon and the verdict is in, people love to watch and be seen.  While the bulk of this movement derives from hype, ego, and vanity, there are some gems amongst the masses.  In this ongoing series, I will feature Instagram accounts of individuals or businesses who stand out with unique and inspiring photos.

@bastny stickers still riding strong in BK.  Photo courtesy of @stuckupofficial

To kick things off, I am featuring an individual who has been a supporter of the sticker arts for many years.  @stuckupofficial is one of the go to sources for stickers and sticker art in NYC and beyond.  With an Instagram account that supports his published book titled "Stuck-Up Piece of Crap, The Culture and History of Stickers", the IG feed encompasses a long lineage of sticker art, from iconic music legends to contemporary slaps on the streets.  Through his tireless search for the dopest stickers in NYC, @stuckupofficial has taken his love and dedication to sticker art to a whole new level.  

Sticker culture plays a prominent role in the growth of urban and street art movements.  In an area such as New York City, the sticker plays an important role in self advertising, allowing millions of individual passerbys to take a momentary glance at the object in front of them during the daily commute.  They are quick and easy to put up and are an effective means adding ones voice to the conversations on the street.  However, some stickers stand out amongst the masses, cleverly designed works of art that possess an image, message, name or icon.  From DIY paper stickers with little adhesive to ultra durable Postal stickers that are extremely difficult to remove, artists have been using this template for years, in order to send their message out to anyone who is paying attention.

Jim Phillips Screaming Hand sticker.  Photo courtesy of @stuckupofficial 

Thus, some stickers have become highly sought after art pieces, which has created a whole genre of sticker art collectors, who tirelessly attempt to peel the stickers off their mount and apply it to a book for individual collections.  The collections that some people acquire become a visual roadmaps of the evolution of NYC street culture.  One can literally trace the lineage of an artists style and the trends of Street Art through stickers alone.  

A Barry McGee "TWIST" sticker in his distinct hand style.  Photo courtesy of @stuckupofficial

@stuckupofficial is a sticker art historian.  Between his published book and constant, on-going documentation of the streets, he has collected literally thousands of sticker related images over the years and he has been steadily letting his followers in on range and breadth of the movement.  His instagram account allows one to travel around NYC with him and explore the urban landscape in a new, fun and exciting way.  I would definitely suggest @stuckupoffical as someone to follow.

An old @roycer700 sticker on a postage label.  Photo courtesy of @stuckupofficial