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Who to follow on Instagram: @dizmology

The future is now and his name is @dizmology.  Over the years, I have worked with many artists of a multitude of disciplines, but @dizmology, AKA Miguel Ovalle, possesses a certain vision that helps him to create a unique brand of art unlike anything I've seen before.  His interpretations of an evolved landscape and an advanced culture provides him with the proper building blocks to start constructing his artwork with a variety of tools at his disposal.  With endless imagination, @dizmology is a modern day sage of sorts, predicting new trends and deciphering the unknown, providing viewers with a sneak peek of the future movements of art in a way in which we can all appreciate.

Installation at the Fountain Art Fair, NYC 2013.  Photo courtesy of @dizmology

@dizmology is a multi-talented individual who borrows from a wide range of skills in order to create his futuristic masterpieces.  Never content to thrive within just one area of art, he is constantly exploring and pushing himself to create new and interesting designs that obscure the boundaries between disciplines.  Have it be sculpture, fashion design, functional art objects, painting, drawing, digital art, graffiti art or more, @dizmology is truly a well rounded artist who has a pure and natural instinct to create whatever it is that comes to mind.  This talent that he radiates comes from deep within and to speak with him, one realizes that his mind is always actively seeking new and exciting ways to interpret the world around him.

Armored Arm.  Photo courtesy of @dizmology

I featured @dizmology in a solo show in September 2012 titled Stealth Reflections.  While many artists are content to hang their work in a linear presentation on a bare white wall, @dizmology instead locked himself in the gallery for days on end leading up to the opening, painting the walls a beautiful crimson red and installing an intricate display of taught crimson yarn ascending from the artwork to the ceiling, creating, in effect, a VR landscape within this physical world.  His charcoal drawings and organic foam sculptures came to life, pulsating within their frames in order to release the stored energy that @dizmology injected during the creation process.  Every detail and nuance that @dizmology put into play for that show was executed with finesse and perfection, a true master of his craft.  

Sculpture featured in Stealth Reflections at Mighty Tanaka Gallery, September 2012.  Photo courtesy of @dizmology

Looking through the eyes of tomorrow, @dizmology is absolutely someone you will want to follow on Instagram.  His photos alone are stunning, but the concepts behind his work take his account one step further, providing his viewers with a peek into another time that has yet be defined.  This visionary is a modern day story teller and his multi-disciplined talent speaks for itself. 

One of a kind custom jacket, designed and constructed by @dizmology.  Photo courtesy of @dizmology