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On the up and up: Hannah Faith Yata

Every so often, you will meet an individual who possesses a unique spark that fills the room with exuberance, an energy that draws you in and makes you want to learn more.  This certain kind of person is naturally wonderful without trying, an effortless acceptance through their goodwill and a welcoming demeanor.  Hannah Faith Yata exemplifies that kind of personality.  Her ability to extend sincerity and graciousness into any and all situations has a magnetic effect that draws people to her energy and artwork.

It was about this time last year when I had been speaking with my good friend of mine, Adam Miller, about artists to look out for in 2014 and the top of his list was a former assist of his named Hannah Yata.  Adam told me that she had been in Brooklyn for a period of time during her final year in college and quickly became the ideal studio assistant to both him and Martin Wittfooth, whose studios were next door to one another.  He went on and on about her natural talent, great attitude and knack for interpreting intriguing subject matter.  For days, Adam urged me to set up a meeting with her, constantly reminding me that her artwork represented a movement of things to come, a direction that she has since come to embrace.  

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One cold, snowy evening during the grip of the polar vortex, I ventured into Manhattan to meet up with Hannah and speak about ways in which we could work together.  As soon as we started talking, I knew right away that Adam was right, this was someone who I needed to work with.  Her personality and optimism made the room glow as we drank coffee and chatted.  As she showed me images of her work on her phone, I knew right away that she had all the makings of a potential art star who would be quickly shedding the label of emerging artist and making her way to big stage.  As a result of the meeting, Hannah and I immediately started to work with one another.

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Throughout the course of this past year, I have watched as Hannah Yata has become a rising sensation, not just in the Pop Surrealist genre, but also the contemporary art world as a whole.  Her beautiful depictions of flora and fauna enmeshed with the sometimes dark, modern day subject matter as well as the human condition lends itself for jaw dropping interpretations of the world around us.  Matched with a stunning color pallet and limitless imagination, Hannah's work has been turning heads world wide as she is constantly taking things to the next level.  With many articles and write ups about her work, she is fueling the fire through all the proper channels, gaining fans and clientele through her intoxicating style of painting.    

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Hannah Faith Yata is on the up and up.  Her newest work is some of the best stuff yet and she isn't afraid to constantly evolve her style or imagery.  Hannah's painting titled "Blitzkrieg" is currently featured on the front page of the Mighty Tanaka website in order to demonstrate the range and breadth of her style and show how her approach has grown from the previous works of hers that I have featured at the gallery.  Hannah has an incredible career in front of her and with her humble yet energetic approach to life, she deserves all good things that come her way.  I would highly suggest picking up her work, as this is the prime opportunity to add her art into your collection.

For questions about the artist, artwork or availability, please feel free to get in touch anytime at: contact@mightytanaka.com